catalytic heating

for clean energy

Flameless catalytic heating

Vacca,Inc. - now a part of Global Heating Tech - is an innovative alternative energy company, with a core competency in catalytic heating technology. We develop, manufacture, and license this technology for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Our services include contract R&D, small-scale manufacturing, and conducting feasibility studies. Contact us to learn about how our technology could benefit you.

Our catalytic heater produces flameless heat, where the only byproducts are carbon dioxide and water vapor. What sets our product apart is the ability to self-start, without requiring preheating of the catalyst or a spark to drive the reaction. Additional benefits of our flameless catalytic heater is its portability, safety, low maintenance, and low costs.

latest news

We have completed moving our US facilities to our new location 9501 Union Cemetery Rd., Loveland OH 45140, USA.

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