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What we do

Vacca, Inc. - now a part of Global Heating Tech - is a developer, manufacturer, and licensor of robust high technology alternative energy products and system solutions. Our roster of mobile self-heated products is growing, as we actively engage with prospective licensees, wide-geography distributors, overseas manufacturing partners and DOD contract managers.

Global Heating Tech self-heating flameless membrane catalysis products are available to specification for consumer, industrial, DOD, and disaster recovery markets.

We are also expanding the scope of heat-driven applications addressed by our core flameless product platform to include absorption chilling and enhanced efficiency for fuel cells in hybrid heating/cooling/electric systems.

Who we are

Giampaolo Vacca, CEO

Vacca, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Mr. Vacca to commercialize a license acquired to a worldwide flameless catalytic heating patent application for products using renewable fuels. He earlier founded Smart Shipper LLC (www.esmartshipper.com), a provider of ultra-insulated shipping containers; and also a frozen foods company that he ultimately sold at a profit. It was while in the frozen foods business that Mr. Vacca became interested in insulation and mobile energy solutions.

Lawrence Weber, Ph.D., President

Mr. Weber was named President of Vacca, Inc. - now a part of Global Heating Tech - at the company’'s founding, and focuses on business development, intellectual property management, and assurance of contracted deliverables. Prior to joining Vacca, Inc., Mr. Weber founded TechMark Corporation, a consulting firm specializing in strategic corporate alliances, government relations, and financial issues for public and private sector client companies. An award winning scientific researcher, Mr. Weber first commercialized new technologies at Pall Corporation.

Robert Hockaday, Chief Scientist

Robert Hockaday has for years successfully developed MicroFuel Cells™, Micro Mirror Photovoltaic Cells, catalytic heaters, mercury free batteries, and protective eyewear. He was a member of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) staff from 1984 to 1994. During his tenure at LANL, Mr. Hockaday was the principal investigator of projects involving the development, calibration, and analysis of high-speed x-ray diagnostic experiments for underground nuclear tests. He also conducted plasma experiments at LANL, Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, and Triniti Laboratory in Troisk, Russia. For his innovative research and leadership qualities, he received two Awards of Excellence and a Distinguished Performance Award from LANL.

Relevant publications:
* Hockaday, R., Grimmer, R., Schoenmackers, and V. Risser, Fuel Cells for Photovoltaic Systems applications, New Mexico State University, 1984
* Hockaday, R., Development and Modeling of the Homoporous Electrode Fuel Cell, Masters Thesis, New Mexico State University, 1984
* Popular Science, Nov. 1994, "Theories on Solar-Powered Space Vehicles (Space Dragsters)"

Awards and honors:
* Recipient of Industry Week’s Technology of the Year Award, 1999
* Co-recipient of 1992 Award of Excellence for Significant Contribution to the Nuclear Weapons Program for the Lubbock Experimental Team (LANL)
* Co-recipient of the 1990 Award of Excellence for Significant Contribution to the Nuclear Weapons Program for the Centurion Team (LANL)
* Co-recipient of 1989 distinguished Performance Award for the Bowie Team (LANL)

* M.S. Mechanical Engineering, New Mexico State University, 1984
* B.S. Physics, University of Hawaii, 1979

Where we are

Global Heating Tech headquarter and engineering facilities are located at 9501 Union Cemetery Rd., Loveland OH 45140, USA.

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