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Vacca, Inc. Announces New Relationship in the United Kingdom

Cincinnati, Ohio, 12th February 2009 - Vacca, Incorporated’s revolutionary new self starting Catalytic Heating Technology is now available through a UK partner, G4 Industries Limited.

As a result of meetings held in the USA during November 2008 Vacca Inc and G4 Industries have agreed to develop the market for the revolutionary catalytic heater technology in Europe, starting in the UK. G4 Industries Limited will work with Government, research establishments as well as SME’s and OEM’s to bring the product to market. G4 Industries Limited based in Cambridge UK has a team of specialists, with considerable experience within both R&D and commercial arenas within the UK and Europe and are uniquely placed to exploit the product in the target market. Vacca’s laboratory team maintains the core know-how and continues generating advances in the technology.

Vacca, Incorporated (Vacca) has developed scalable flameless membrane catalytic heater systems addressing concerns of weight, efficiency, safe storage, transportation, and operational/logistical complexities often encountered with conventional catalytic, electrical and/or chemical heaters. Conventional catalytic heaters tend to operate at temperatures far above the boiling point of the fuel, and require an infrastructure for high pressure storage and shipment of combustible materials. They can call for an air-fuel mixture to be preheated prior to catalyst contact. Such factors can increase operating risk and limit practical application. However, these downsides are successfully avoided by Vacca's system in its embodiment utilizing alcohol fuels. A fuel in its liquid state under common ambient conditions presents advantages of simplicity for the combustion system as well as in storage. With Vacca's proprietary and patent pending techniques, a uniform mixture of fuel and air is delivered to the catalyst without the need of pumps and fans. Reaction rates can be controlled by design parameters. Thermostatic operation can also be achieved conventionally if required, by fuel control, via pump, as well as intrinsic design. With methanol fuel, combustion products are heat, water, and carbon dioxide. Some of the technical features and benefits of the system include: low temperature operation, self starting even below 0°C

Output temperature can reach up to 800°C Heat energy cost in the area of $0.07 per kW·hr. Configurable to a closely set temperature or range; power parameters also by design Flexibility in design for heater and fuel cartridge: rigid and flexible form factors Scalability in size Operable on mixed fuels Fuel additives can be used to deliver a desired scent during operation Heat can be transient or sustained virtually indefinitely

Vacca equipment is also operable using hydrogen gas, and its products designed for readily-delivered alcohol fuel today can be simply converted for use in the “hydrogen economy.”

“We are quite excited about the prospect of working with the Vacca team, with their singular technology and ability to adapt it to a myriad applications,” said Mike Pond, Executive Director of G4 Industries, Ltd. “We are very pleased at the match with G4, on account of our product complementarity, G4’s established footprint in Europe, and their in-depth knowledge of their markets,” added Giampaolo Vacca, CEO of Vacca, Inc.

ABOUT VACCA INC - Now a part of Global Heating Tech -We are an innovative alternative energy company, with a core competency in fully non-electric, passively self-activated and regulated catalytic heating technology. We develop, manufacture, and license this technology for commercial, industrial, and military applications. Our services include contract product R&D, small-scale manufacturing, and conducting feasibility studies.

Our catalytic heater produces flameless heat, where the only by-products are carbon dioxide and water vapour. What sets our product apart is the ability to self-start and regulate, without requiring preheating of the catalyst or a spark to drive the reaction. Additional benefits of our flameless catalytic heater is its portability, safety, low maintenance, light weight, ability to oxidize ambient carbon monoxide and low cost.

ABOUT G4 INDUSTRIES – G4 Industries Limited provides global support to Government organisations, OEMs, United Nations and Non-Government Organisations. The business consists of three divisions:-

1.Consultancy Services – providing a wide range of commercial and technical consultancy services including safety, environments, logistic, agronomy and a wide range of other technical disciplines.

2.Projects – Delivery of logistic and bio fuel projects worldwide.

3.Strategic Development – Supporting the sale of third party products in UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Vacca, Inc. Moves its Headquarters to Expanded Multifunctional Space

CINCINNATI, OHIO, May 29, 2007 – Vacca, Incorporated (Vacca) today announced the relocation of its Cincinnati headquarters to larger facilities providing enhanced laboratory capabilities.

"Our new lab space will help us boost service to our product development customers, and more effectively tap into the collaborative resources we have identified in universities." said Giampalol Vacca, CEO. "The new location is further anticipated to add convenience to customer visits. We will also make good use of the additional engineering capability to accelerate conversion of breadboard prototypes to their manufacturing-ready designs," he added.

Vacca's new facilities are located at:
3476 Irwin Simpson Road
Suite 105
Mason, OH 45040
Tel. 513.770.0670
Fx. 513.770.0671

Vacca, Inc. Commences Operations of European Office

CINCINNATI, OHIO, February 5, 2007 – Vacca, Incorporated (Vacca) today announced the appointment of Dr. Antonio Tiberini as Managing Director of its European operations, in conjunction with a significant cash for equity contract. Dr. Tiberini’s appointment fills a well-defined need created by growing interest in Vacca, expressed by European customers and partnership prospects that the company has identified for its alternative energy products and systems. The deal also inaugurates Vacca’s new European office in Baar, Switzerland.

"We welcome Dr. Tiberini’s collaboration for his skill and experience, and for the demonstration of our market traction in Europe that his investment makes. By opening this new office near Zürich as the centerpiece of Vacca’s EU operations, we look forward to facilitating access by customers in this region, and also upgrading the level of service that we can provide them,” said Giampaolo Vacca, CEO. "We are excited to extrapolate the rapid growth in activity by this office as paving the way to formation of a new Vacca subsidiary in Europe," he said.

Other details of the deal were not disclosed, except that milestone conditions were set for the formation of a Vacca subsidiary with exclusive European rights, which company Dr. Tiberini will head, and in which he will own a significant equity position.

"I am tremendously excited about the opportunities presenting themselves in Europe for products utilizing Vacca’s technology platform," said Antonio Tiberini, Managing Director, Europe. "There are stronger drivers in a number of Europe’s alternative energy related markets than there are in North America, for reasons of regulation, tax structures, government environmental incentives, and regional energy economics," he said. "I can envision the prospect of Europe leading the way in new product introductions for us and, thereby, pulling through North American sales in some of the market areas," he added.

Antonio Tiberini has recently been active as an energy and trade consultant in European countries and the USA, focusing upon issues including due diligence in new plant construction, open market strategies for electrical companies, and starting up energy related companies in foreign countries, the latter for trading energy and for related activities. He earned a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and a degree in theoretical physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich. Tiberini has also served on the executive board of Elektrizitaets-Gesellschaft Laufenburg SA. He is fluent in Italian, German, French and English.

"We are exceptionally pleased that Dr. Tiberini has elected to join forces with us, in light of his remarkable knowledge of the energy industry, his technology expertise, and superlative reputation for integrity,” said Lawrence Weber, President. "His investment proves he shares our vision. He has also blended productively with our executive team within a very short time," he added.


About Vacca, Incorporated - Now a part of Global Heating Tech
Vacca, Inc. is a privately held developer, manufacturer, and licensor of high performance alternative energy products and system solutions. The company’s roster of mobile self-heated products is growing, and it is actively engaged with prospective licensees, wide-geography distributors, overseas manufacturing partners and DOD contract managers. Vacca’s scope of heat-driven applications also includes absorption chilling and enhanced efficiency for fuel cells and thermoelectric units in hybrid heating/cooling/electric systems.

Vacca, Inc. was founded in April 2004 by Giampaolo Vacca to commercialize a license acquired to a worldwide flameless membrane catalytic heating technology for products using renewable fuels. He earlier founded a provider of ultra-insulated shipping containers, and it was in pursuing that business that Mr. Vacca became interested in mobile energy solutions. For more information, please visit the Vacca, Inc. web site at For more information please contact:

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