2005 press release

Vacca, Inc. Solves Long Standing Flammable Gas Release Problem of Military Ration Heaters

CINCINNATI, OHIO, September 21, 2005 – Vacca Incorporated (Vacca) today announced the successful completion of its DOD contract to demonstrate a definitive solution to potentially explosive hydrogen emissions by military rations.

The company's flameless membrane alternative energy products, which are based on proprietary and patent pending technologies, have shown unique simplicity and self-starting operability without moving parts in heating applications, and in heat driven processes also producing electricity and/or chilling.

Rations such as MRE’s are commonly heated by a magnesium corrosion method, and emit hydrogen gas as a byproduct. Multi-meal group ration assemblies can emit up to 11 cubic feet of hydrogen, creating an explosion or fire hazard in confined spaces.

In delivering its demonstration and Report to Natick Soldier Center personnel, Vacca showed its flameless catalytic means of converting the hydrogen to heat and water vapor, prior to it exiting the group ration packaging. Vacca was able to return this heat to the assembly and reduce the overall weight of magnesium by more than the weight of Vacca’s system.

"We are excited by this project having provided a neat solution to what has been an ongoing problem in the military for over a decade," said Giampaolo Vacca, CEO, “and we believe it has been an essential step in establishing a strong credibility in the DOD for our company.” Vacca has been invited to submit proposals for related follow-on projects.


About Vacca, Incorporated
Vacca, Inc. is a privately held developer, manufacturer, and licensor of high performance alternative energy products and system solutions. The company’s roster of mobile self-heated products is growing, and it is actively engaged with prospective licensees, wide-geography distributors, overseas manufacturing partners and DOD contract managers. Vacca’s scope of heat-driven applications also includes absorption chilling and enhanced efficiency for fuel cells and thermoelectric units in hybrid heating/cooling/electric systems.

Vacca, Inc. was founded in April 2004 by Giampaolo Vacca to commercialize a license acquired to a worldwide flameless membrane catalytic heating technology for products using renewable fuels. He earlier founded a provider of ultra-insulated shipping containers, and it was in pursuing that business that Mr. Vacca became interested in mobile energy solutions. For more information, please visit the Vacca, Inc. web site at http://www.vaccainc.com/. For more information please contact:

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