The flexibility and scalability of our catalytic heating systems make it possible for us to incorporate our technology into a variety of applications. We have identified potential markets for the following applications; contact us if you would like to partner with us to explore and develop products utilizing catalytic heating.


  • central heating systems
  • water heating
  • dog house heating
  • greenhouse heater
  • water trough heating for pets
  • emergency and temporary heating
  • scent delivery systems
  • heated windows
  • heated driveways, walkways, and stairs
  • plumbing and drain heating
  • heated railings
  • heated sleeping bags
  • heated delivered food and food temperature maintenance
  • cooking heaters


  • central heating systems
  • water heating
  • hydrocarbon processing
  • oil and gas pipelines
  • distillation systems
  • drying systems


  • central heating systems (space heating, water heating, and electric power: thermoelectric and fuel cell)
  • emergency and temporary shelter heating and electric power through fuel cells.
  • pocket heater
  • heated garment, such as gloves, jackets, boots, and hats
  • heaters for vehicles, hybrid and electric-powered in particular
  • engine heaters for cars, airplanes and other equipment.
  • heated runways
  • heaters for valves, regulators, and expansion points on gas pipelines
  • battery heaters
  • heated sleeping bags
  • heated beverage systems
  • heated delivered food and food temperature maintenance
  • cooking heaters
  • small fuel cell space heaters
  • de-icing of aircraft wings and helicopter blades


  • greenhouse heaters
  • heating for animals and barns
  • water trough heating for animals such as cattle
  • plumbing heating and drain heating
  • heated fermentors, composters, and digestors

Global Heating Tech looks forward to addressing additional applications where the company’s unique innovations will offer distinct advantages.

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