home heating & cooling

There is a solution for high energy costs and toxic emissions

Our engineers and scientists are designing and testing a very efficient, safe and environmentally friendly system for the home energy sector. Some of the system benefits are:

  • no carbon monoxide; only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide are produced
  • no moving parts
  • minimal space required
  • environmentally friendly
  • core catalytic heat producing process is silent
  • cost effective; we estimate under $0.06 per KW hour (per 3413 Btu) to the end-user for heating

Home Heating/cooling/power system
Estimated fuel cost to end user: $7 per day in cold weather (80,000 Btu sizing):

  • methanol Fuel Tank: 100 to 500 gallon non-pressurized buried plastic or metal fuel tank
  • membrane Catalytic Heater: 100 Watts to 23 kW (80,000 Btu/hr) thermal energy output
  • fuel Cell: 100 Watts to 2 kilowatts
  • flameless catalytic combustion and auto-thermostatic regulation
  • hot running direct methanol fuel cell (60?C to 200?C) coupled with the Membrane Catalytic Heater for efficient operation
  • low-pressure water circulation loop through floor or forced air and hot water tank of home
  • water supply for hot water tank from well or other source
  • power from fuel cell may be used to run the water pump, circulation pump, and electrical appliances

Additional options

  • the hot water circulation could have a loop connected to a solar water-heating array
  • the DC electrical output can be coupled into a battery bank for surge power capacity
  • the DC electrical output could be inverted to 120 AC to run AC appliances or fed back into the grid
  • solar cells or windmills could be coupled into the DC inverter
  • an absorption refrigerator or freezer could use the heat from the Membrane Catalytic Heater
  • vacuum insulation could be used around the heater, refrigerator, fuel cells, and the hot water tank

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