medicine & cosmetics

Medical heat therapies and cosmetics

Our system brings new dimensions of control and performance to the administration of heat therapy-- such as in alleviating local joint and muscle pains, inflammation, and the treatment of warts and other dermatological conditions where an enhancement of local blood circulation can be beneficial.

Global Heating Tech's heating technology is ideally suited to the requirements of safety and convenience in such therapies. Cosmetic benefits can also accrue from the application of controlled heat coupled with the inherent moisture potential of our products, and we are currently looking for a suitable partner company active in this sector.

Trans-dermal drug delivery

There are many benefits to using heat for trans-dermal drug delivery, arising from an increase in blood circulation at higher local temperatures. Heat also promotes dilation of the skin, an increase in its permeability to therapeutic agents, and can increase the solubility of certain drugs. Most importantly, Global Heating Tech's system provides unique longevity and programmability of heating.

Infusible fluids warmer

We are also building a portable light weight IV fluid/blood warmer. This system will ensure the single pass warming of IV fluids, taken directly from the refrigerator, to their proper, safe infusion temperature at standard flow rates. Using Global Heating Tech's proprietary flexible heat pipe components as part of the thermal management, we will ensure safety from over or under heating in a passive system with few or no electromechanical parts. In fact the design is so light weight and economical that a single use version is a contemplated option.

Sterilizers for field use

The water vapor produced by the basic catalytic reaction in Global Heating Tech'ís heating system enhances its potential in field sterilizing applications. Steam serves a heat transport function in autoclaving. Hence, Global Heating Tech is designing a field sterilizer which will provide clean heat on demand even in the absence of electricity, and at reduced water supply chain requirements.

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